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Loved by a Pit Bull - Poster

Loved by a Pit Bull Are you loved by an adorable pit bull? Then this cute poster is for you! Available in your choice of white or black background. Exclusive to Diverse Threads, order yours today.

Hate the deed, not the breed. Better yet, Hate the people who encourage this aweful behavior. Dogs just want unconditonal love and will do whatever thier owners ask. Pitbulls are so sweet and awesome!!!

i love my pitt and he wouldnt hurt a fly and has never snapped at me or anyone that has came around him

It's all about how to raise them....we love all our dogs, but our pitties are truly special in our hearts.

It's sad because I really love pit bulls. They can be aggressive if not trained properly - but that's the problem, most people who own aggressive pit bulls don't properly train them.

Beautiful dog, tends to get stuck with the ugly owner who makes it the bad dog.

Never had a Pit Bull, but have sympathy with the way the breed is characterized. "Have known Pit Bulls they are the sweetest things. Bad owners make them bad.

So sad that there are people in the world who would do this

And we call pit bulls the "monsters"? Dog fighting MUST STOP! Please REPORT animal abuse/animal cruelty!

Yes I do. She loves to sleep with her Nana when she not sleeping with her Mom!

Sleeps with Pit Bulls. I love my 2 best buddies of course they sleep in our bed!

The Story of Patrick

The Story of Patrick

The Story of Patrick, wow what a beautiful dog. I didn't know where to pin this, but I knew I needed to. People please take care of you animals! Or just help for heavens sake! No dog or any animal should EVER look like this! Thank god he made it.