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  • Katherine Wachterhauser

    How cute is this baby elephant? Wish I could have an elephant as a pet... That would be super awesome!!!

  • Geni Iturrioz

    Baby Elephant so sweet! #BabyElephant #Earth #Nature #Animals

  • Kelly Kolb

    Baby elephant playing in the water! So cute! I want one!!!!

  • Jessy Waelchi

    Baby Elephant #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals|

  • Lisa Handley

    Baby elephant bath time

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What you are doing is role-playing: pretending you are an adult at work — rolling a log for humans because they cannot do it themselves.

Such an amazing, intelligent, caring, social creature. Please don't visit the circus or buy ivory. These animals deserve so much better

Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent. John 6:29

Tanzania: Are we there yet Mum? by geoff-e, via Flickr ~ Trying to keep up is so tiring when you have little legs...

You can't tell me animals don't have feelings.

Baby ElephantS growing into massive adults entirely on plants.

“Baby Elephant” by Björn Mika elephant in water

Elephants are known for their long, swingy trunks which serve for multiple purposes, such as bathing, picking up things, and as a horn. The African elephant has large ears, a huge body, and both females and males have tusks, while the Asian elephant is smaller, and only a few males have tusks. They are poached illegally for their ivory.

beach baby... cute but if you dont use sunscreen or overdo it, this is what your skin will look like

Sweet baby elephant here to find out more