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How many equivalent fractions can you find?  Great way to get students excited about fractions!

Fractions: Circle Map - see who can come up with the most equivalent fractions

Multiplying Fractions anchor chart...from Teaching With a Mountain View (blog)

Multiplying Fractions

Here is our big multiplying fractions anchor chart! We covered multiplying whole numbers by fractions, multiplying fractions by fractions, and multiplying mixed numbers. for kids - Anchor Chart

Improper Fraction to Mixed Number

Improper fractions and mixed numbers fourth grade math from The Pirate Queen Teacher Cute way to remember the steps

Template to make a "fraction flipper" showing equivalent fractions/fractions that equal 1. Very cool!

Of course I just finished fractions, but kids can always use reteaching. Here is a template to make a "fraction flipper" showing equivalent fractions/fractions that equal Also find music and decimal flippers here along with related worksheets.

Positive and Negative Number GAME!

Idea of teaching the directions involved in positive and negative numbers using a number line. From: Making *some* sense of Pos/Neg Numbers

Understanding Fractions Poster — Edgalaxy

Understanding Fractions Poster

Decompose Fractions~Love this anchor chart!

Decompose Fractions~Helpful teaching tips are included - exactly what we are talking about in school

Use playing cards to play "Fraction War" - this is a great way to learn fractions!!

How to play Fraction War. Fraction war is a suuuuuper fun game to play. It allows students to practice their fraction comparisons quickly in a slightly competitive way.

Multiplying Decimals Anchor Chart  *****

My Not-So-Pinteresty Anchor Charts

Multiplying Decimals Anchor Chart The steps listed are helpful for students because they can not only see visually, but have a system to help them remember why and how to multiply decimals.

Multiplying Fractions- I have never seen it drawn out with over lapping the 2 multiplied fractions!

Multiplying Fractions

Idea Five-- I love this anchor chart on multiplying fractions. It offers step by step procedures on how to multiply fractions and pictures giving a visual. This would be great to use when just beginning to teach fractions to students.