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  • cali herrmann

    this is literally me and my friend Emily, always falling while she skateboarding

  • Jaehyun Jang

    (by: Dave Lehl) "This photo happened on a road trip through the American Southwest. Originally I just wanted a shot of two skateboarders pushing down the famous "Forest Gump" road. Being that the road has a little steepness to it, the guys weren’t pushing very hard, and the shot looked lame. So for one pass, I asked them both to push really hard. They came flying past me and both took a big push. However, Andy’s back foot hit the back of his board, which sent him flying. Although ...

  • JLD Web

    Monument Valley Skateboarders

  • Jamie Romain

    Red Bull - Extreme sports photography

  • Angie Williams

    Perfect timing. #skateboard

  • Brad Williams

    That one little rock... skateboarding

  • Unruly Brands

    Johnny Crash & Burn® DeathWish LifeStyle Clothing Take Risks. Have Stories. Live Life!™ JC&B, a streetwear brand for anyone who rocks punk, skateboard, motorcycles, smoke 'em if you got 'em, extreme sports and living on the edge. The Legend Lives... For Now!™ Wear What You Feel!™ Unruly Brands - A State of Mind Clothing Co. A Healthy Touch of Evil!™ Check-out all our brands @

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sailing It/They were only 14 foot, but in my mind and heart, I was Captain Blood, Scaramouche in the Crows Nest, sailing The Briny Blue, upon The Chesapeake. My accidental gift on my 21st Birthday.

Happy Beardmas. (I have to repin this as we are both cracking up in class)

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 74 Pics

A bit more set-up required than I'd usually go for, but a great pic, and shows off the skirt well. :-)

tumblr_m06c81E0aD1r9859qo1_500.jpg (500×748)

Skateboarding Black and White Photography

I have never laughed so hard at something so terrifying.

Why my great great grandfather was reminded of Germany by where he bought the family farm in New England.

Just laughed out loud so hard.