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great contrast - yellow and brown



Joy Felicity Jane // water portrait



running ..#black #white #photography

Landscape photograph with water ripples


Elena Kalis

.Rock Beach Mediterranean Clothing Company #sea #summer #fashion

One girl getting her hair pulled as six crack swimmers play a fast scrimmage of water polo at the Athletic Club. Peter Stackpole, 1947

"...A veces pienso en darte mi eterna despedida, borrarte en mis recuerdos y huir de esta pasión; mas si es en vano todo y el alma no te olvida, ¿qué quieres tú que yo haga, pedazo de mi vida, qué quieres tú que yo haga con este corazón?..." Manuel Acuña

Soft Grunge

Early morning is the exact time where the spirits that inhabit my hands slip towards the leaf ... and I listen and suddenly it rains from thousands of stars who tell me Storms are for cross them .. , its rays will give you strength, their water will feed you, its noise will make you remember ... you have to believe in the storm .., it's part of the magic. Paintings from soul

The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.