I thought I am, but now that I really think about it, I don't so much have "patience" as I infinite ways to distract myself.

Zodiac Sagittarius facts — A typical Sagittarius will cry or ...

Zodiac Sagittarius facts & A typical Sagittarius will cry or become emotional more when they& alone than around people.


Ahhh, this is why he waits so long to pick out motorcycles, CD& bike stuff and electronic equipment.

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Too true, so many times i will have people tell me i am being funny when i am just having a conversation with them :) Zodiac Society Sagittarius

Sometimes hate that I notice every detail

You can choose to listen or deny truth. Just because you choose to not listen to your own double standard is your fault and your fault alone.

Sagittarius... interesting, animal trainer was a job I wanted when I was 13...

Sagittarius - completely me in some ways, while also being completely not me at the same time.


Sagittarius are not so much sneaky as they are clever. They outwit you every time.


Sagittarius via Bibeline Designs Probably applies to Sagittarius moons too