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Australian officers, blown into the air by an accidental explosion, fall in the river amid the splinters of their wrecked boat. 1942.

Woodstock 1969, LIFE magazine

Eeekkk!! "Aftermath Katrina" the photos title.

>WW2 paratrooper- wow I've never seen this picture before. shockingly brilliant

August 1942

In 1478, George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, was to be executed. His request? To be drowned in a barrel of wine.

Final Photos of Murder Victims Taken by Their Killers - heartbreaking :'(

A lone British soldier stands up to his knees in spent shell cases - France, WWI.

Disfigured Soldiers of WW1

rape of nanking - Soldiers raped thousands of women, often forcing them to pose in pornographic pictures- rape victims were often killed soon after

New York

.Hiroshima. Approx 70K died from explosion, another 70K died from radiation within 5 yrs. A survivor described the damage to people: "The appearance of people .. all had skin blackened by burns... no hair.. and at a glance you couldn't tell whether you were looking at them from in front or in back... They held their arms bent [forward] like this... and their skin ...hands, ...faces, ..bodies too - hung down... e... But wherever I walked.. Many died along the road like walking ghosts..."

1944.Italy. Sniper falls ...

This German 37-mm anti-tank gun has been neutralized by a direct hit. The three-man crew were massacred by the shot. South-Western Front, sector defended by the 6th Army of General Gorodnyansky, 1942.

It is believed that this is the only photo in existence of the Great Norwegian Mountain Troll. It was taken in December 1942 by the crew of an RAF recon flight 300 miles north of Berge

Portrait of Captain Edward Camden: Volusia County, Florida, April 1917. "He put on his Civil War veteran's uniform and tried to register for the draft on the first day of World War I."

August 4, 1892 Lizzie Borden took an axe; And gave her mother 40 whacks; When she saw what she had done; she gave her father 41.

Tar and Feather Victim ...OMG

Nazi Flak tower. Used against allied aircraft in Europe. They had an air defense range of 14km and could put up 8,000 rounds in a minute!!!