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“Where the Wild Things Are” sleeve. By Luke LoPorto, Timmy Tattoo, Huntington, NY. www.Loportoart.com

wild flower

My fourth sitting on my Where The Wild Things Are Tattoo. Luke - Station 1 Tattoo - Huntington Station, NY - Imgur

My first tattoo! I absolutely love it :) Got it done at Streetwise in Auckland, NZ. It symbolizes many things for me but mainly it’s my inspiration and motivation to be happy :) Inspired by the butterfly project.

tattooed by adam perjatel @ south shore tattoo, li ny.

Native Girl Portrait By Luke Jinks


Fetal Unicorn Geletain Impregnated with a Rainbow tattooed by Noelle LaMonica @ Divine Machine Tattoo in Buffalo NY

My amazing girlfriend! <3 Lower leg by Crispy Lennox (on the road, June 2012). Also visible: Right sleeve (Jo Harrison), Left sleeve (Saira Hunjan), Thigh (Valerie Vargas).



I love to cook, and i wanna make a fun and unique tattoo that shows this feeling. Done by Douglas at Led’s Tattoo (http://www.ledstattoo.com.br/) in São Paulo - Brazil


Made by Silvija @ Super 7 tattoo salon in Lithuania.

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Great tattoo

Pretty! Artist: ?. #neotraditional


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