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And this is why I will never be into Jersey Shore. I don't care if you think she's just pretending to be this stupid. Perpetuating that persona is abhorrent and basic and pandering to whatever sick desires people have for watching this kind of television...End rant.


Whenever I’m watching sports…

Whenever I’m watching sports… Ah ahahaha so sad but so true... all the other guys are discussing their sports facts and know-how and I'm sitting there like so who are we rooting for?


The worst way to die…

You don't say... Poor guy got killed... Oh, he got killed to DEATH? :0 that's even worse than getting killed! Lol fail.

Don't hate on Kim and Kanye's baby, North West. She is headed straight to the top!......and slightly to the left. hahahaaha

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Breavley Diamond


If finals are making you feel dumb, read this and you will feel so much better