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hanoi hannah

Military Slang during the Vietnam War

Hanoi Hannah hard at work, but Hanoi Jane was the real propaganda specialist for the North.

Jane Fonda - Hanoi Jane Traitor bitch during the Vietnam War - insane ! Young and very 'dumb Jane' .

Hà Nội thập niên 1950

Hà Nội thập niên 1950

Hanoi, Hilton (prison for our soldiers during Vietnam War.) 1995

Vietnam War POW Camps - Hoa Loa Prison, sarcastically coined the Hanoi Hilton by American POWs. It was one site used by the North Vietnamese Army to house, torture and interrogate captured servicemen, mostly American pilots shot down during bombing raids.

Youngest Vietnam War US Marine Was 14 Years Old When He Joined, He Was Killed In Action Age 15

Dan Bullock joined the US Marines so that he could join the fight against the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. After one year of combat in Vietnam in Dan was sadly killed in the conflict. He was the youngest casualty of the war at just 15 years old.

Wow, what a shot. Vietnam war era (November 1, 1955 – April 30, 1975). 1964 President Johnson launches all out war against Vietnam.

Two Chinook helicopters hover above a road as they assist in evacuating supplies and soldiers of the South Vietnamese (ARVN) Division and their families from Xuan Loc, Vietnam, mid April, The road is likely Highway April 1975 Photo credit: Lizenz