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How I feel when all the lights are on, im in my room with the tv on and mom asks the same thing.

I love rage comics

This is how I was in middle school when I got chain letters.


Funny pictures about Troll baby. Oh, and cool pics about Troll baby. Also, Troll baby.

Rage Faces :D

I would laugh so hard if one of my students wrote this on their history test. They would not get any points but it would make me laugh. I love when my students draw funny (school appropriate)pictures or write witty comments.

What kind of rabbitery is that?!

What kind of rabbitery is that?!

What kind of rabbitery is that? Lol at the rabbit

How to be both politically and psychologically correct dad.

Toothpaste For Dinner comic: dont yell at your kids * Text: dont yell at your kids lean in real close and whisper its much scarier youuu are in biiig trouble

It was only a kiss.It was only a kiss. Brightside by the killers reference for those of you who haven't truly listened to amazing music, lol)