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Nail Polish Idea -

The perfect DIY french manicure - use hole reinforcement stickers on your nail tips (thanks Danielle for the great idea!

Might try this... Im generally skeptical about at-home remedies, but I know baking soda and lemons both do wonders.

Dr Oz Teeth Whitening Remedy Ingredients: - Baking Soda cup) - Lemon Juice lemon) Dip cotton ball into lemon juice/baking soda solution, & apply to your teeth. Let lemon/baking soda solution sit on teeth for apx. Brush teeth to remove the acid.

How to easily remove nail polish. This would work great with glitter nail polish.

20 Nail Hacks, Tips and Tricks Every Girl Needs To Know Now

Glitter nail polish removal, also works for shellac nails and gel. This is what I always do. Definitely the best and easiest way to remove stubborn glitter polish. HOPEFULLY IT WORKS!

Versatilidade de um cinto

Versatilidade de um cinto

5 Easy Ways To Knot A Belt. Good ideas for those extra long belts

gel manicure set

Another "gel manicure" hack to try. Clean, dry nails + 1 coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel (let it dry completely!) + polish of your choice coats did the trick) + 1 coat of Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat = Shellac fake-out!

DIY nails super cool! 2013 trend- trendy-new fashion- fashionable nails- black- son moda tirnaklar-oje-

Glitter nail tips finally perfected. Paint nails, get a sponge and put glitter nail polish on sponge. Once nails are try, dab the sponge onto your nail. Perfected glitter tipped nails.

Here's a great way to store your nail polish and to be able to see each color when you open the box.

DIY Nail Polish Storage Idea - Organization has never been my thing until my nail polish craze set in. Eye catching colors had me grabbing nail polishes like a kid in a candy shop and, before I knew it, I had an unmanageable stash.

Como colar unhas quebradas

How to fix a broken nail Ladies, you won't have to cut your long nails! Growing them takes weeks! fixing a broken nail takes a few minutes!

Scrub:  -2 1/2 Cups of Sugar  -1 Cup of oil  -5 Tablespoons of a citrus juice. Preferably fresh squeezed. (I used Key Lime)    Bath Time:  -Draw you a warm/hot bath.  -Soak for about five minutes.  -Shave one leg.   -Take a palm full of your homemade sugar scrub and scrub that leg and then rinse off.  -Shave your leg again. Yes, again.   -Take a palm full of sugar scrub and scrub your leg again.   -Repeat on your other leg.   -After your bath, dry off and then lotion your legs.

Softest, Silkiest Legs Sugar scrub: 2 Cups of Sugar (Yes, just normal sugar) Cup of oil Tablespoons of a citrus juice. It's not just the sugar scrub but how you use it that gets you silky legs!

Coucou les filles, Vous aimez les manucures originales, personnalisées à votre image ? Optez pour le nail art géométrique. Des motifs…

Beautiful Nail Art Tutorials - DIY Awesome Nail Design// the colors make me think of candy corn. Maybe pastels instead of orange and yellow and metal tone instead of black.