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    It's not that Star Trek is predicting the future. It's that everyone who made those devices were geeks who grew up on the show and based their designs on it. "Star Trek says it's possible? LET'S MAKE IT POSSIBLE! FOR SCIENCE!"

    Nerdy love. Except I would do this. Stare at the board. stare at boy. Stare at board, "Why do you want me to solve this, I hate math, worst date ever."

    so many fandoms... but I am wondering why HP and PJO didn't jump in... you guys are missing your chance!

    The last one is the best. Maestro Sherlock it was an honor working with you.

    "Star Trek III: The Search For Another Quarter". OH GOD THIS IS HILARIOUS AND PAINFUL AT THE SAME TIME

    heart broke into a thousand pieces. where's McCoy...? HE AND SPOCK HAVE TRUE BROMANCE

    That's so me!!! I can't die in some horrible outfit!!! LMAO

    Star Trek quotes… visualizing when they said these quotes in the movie. The fact that I know and can hear their voices means I'm the biggest nerd.

    45 years of #StarTrek timeline infographic - SO printing this out.