lighting garland DIY

Dixie cup lights!

two black rubber door mats nailed on sides of table and spray-painted

diy! cute for a party

diy twig candle holder

DIY Rope lights

How cute is this DIY home project?

so fun!

DIY paper flower garland

#DIY Photo Letters. Going to put all photos of both sides of the family and put these on the shelf we are building above the bed

Lighted Burlap Garland

DIY decorative paper cup light shade

Follow this tutorial to make your own outdoor party lights using recycled tin cans.

rag-a-muffin garland tutorial

DIY Braided Clay Bracelet

how-to: candy lights.

DIY: screen-wrapped luminaries

Great light box how to for tracing images - never thought of this!

The original hex nut bracelet by Giles & Brother