Next stop: everywhere!

Oh Doctor!

Tenth Doctor: The Musical - Seasons 2-4 in 7 minutes! So many feelings!

Rose and the Doctor

Doctor Who Animation - 50 Years in Time and Space THIS is INCREDIBLE! SO AMAZING!

Doctor Who: "Return to the Time War" - 50th Anniversary BBC One Trailer

This is brilliant. Brilliant and amazing and feels-y. Love it. Thank you, Tumblr.

SPOILERS: When you put it that way... Doctor Who weirdness - love it!

And now my heart is breaking...

Doctor Who Juniors TARDIS Hang T-Shirt (Grey, Small) Doctor Who

This is hilarious for any Whovians out there.

The Scientist // Doctor and Rose. I am not ashamed to admit this made me cry.

Awesome!!! Doctor Who mashup

"Rule One." As sad as this video is, it is absolutely amazing. MUST watch. -- Wow, chills.

I should not love this as much as I do

The Day of the Doctor - 50 year trailer - #SaveTheDay - Doctor Who - BBC

DOCTOR WHO *Exclusive* Deleted Scene from The Time of The Doctor Christmas Special - BBC America

I quote this and no one knows that I'm quoting the Lion King, much less Doctor Who as well.

Time Crash. Doctor Who Children in Need Special [2007] - I had forgotten how completely brilliant this was. 'Fair play to you, not a lot of men can carry off a decorative vegetable.' 'You've changed the desktop theme, haven't you!?'

Ladies Doctor Who Zip Up Hoodie: Non 80s TV Shows: Doctor Who