family yearbooks. I love this idea!

Family Yearbooks: so the pics don't just stay on the computer. I love this idea!

What a great ideal..I scrapbook but still have so many pics I really like, this is the answer for all those pics. is the site used here. Adding to my summer to do list!!!!

family yearbooks... So the family pics aren't just stuck on the computer. LOVE THIS!

i always save keepsakes like this but never know what to do with them! so cute!

Create "yearbooks" for family photos! Before we have kids, I'll make one of photos from when I met my husband to before having kids. Then after that, I'll make a "family" album for each year.

My next Photobook, instead of shutterfly...Artifact Uprising.

A picture worth a lifetime. Love this for kids, or 1st/last day of school.

From Pinner: Best Emergency Notebook I've seen with printables so you can make your own for your family! MUST DO!

Bourbon & Boots | Authentic Southern Gifts, Stories, & Style - love this! Wish I was still living in NC. I'd totally get one!

21 Things Your Burglar Won’t Tell You! Put your car keys by your bed at night. If you hear someone breaking in, just push the panic button on your key fob. All the neighbors will hear. Lots of good ideas to keep safe in this post.

1st year canvas. One large image, lots of small squared images mod-podged onto a canvas. A way to use and display so many of the pictures just hidden away on my hard drive! Do this for your kids! Such a great keepsake

family hands

Take a screen shot of Facebook comments and texts the day your baby is born. Save them for the baby book. Do this on ALL kinds of days!!! {just a pic - no link}

How to DIY Sand Filled Time-Out Stool #diy, #furniture, #parenting

1. Visit state. 2. Take pictures in said state. 3. Cut them out in the shape of said state, and adhere to map.

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 30 Pics

SO neat, I had NO idea this was possible! Easy way to transfer ink from paper onto wood for a homemade sign.

put legos in liquid soap for boys... for girls, use barbie shoes!! Great for child's bathroom. (or mine!)

Super Cute Front Porch Idea! I am in love with this!#Repin By:Pinterest for iPad#

keep a sample of childs signature every school year... This is cute