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Hairy bush viper (Atheris hispida)

˚Spiny bush viper / Atheris hispida

Variable Bush Viper

#scales #arfican bush #viper. #snakes #reptiles

Green Bush Viper (Atheris Squamiger) Africa

Western Bush Viper by Mike D. Martin

Leaf insect.

Leaf-Tail Gecko

so pretty!

Atheris squamigera African bush #viper. #snake #reptile

Atheris "bush viper" ??

"Walking Leaf" insect ~ from the Walking Stick family of insects.

Tiger-striped Leaf Frog

A perfect pair - Imgur

Horned Bush Viper / Atheris ceratophora | The horned bush viper is endemic to the Usambara mountain range in Tanzania.

African bush viper - Such an awesome pattern.

Leaf Mimicking #Katydid - #Belize. #camouflage #insect

Madagascar leaf-nosed snake

*Gliding leaf frog

Ivory-coloured scales. **

Leaf-Tailed Gecko