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  • Riss T

    Disneyland - Jungle Cruise. I want old Disney art posters.

  • Jeanna Adams

    Vintage Disneyland Poster Jungle River Adventureland

  • Shellbell

    Vintage Disney Poster: Jungle River

  • Elisabet Willis

    Jungle River Cruise Vintage Poster

  • Lynn Fischer

    Another favorite Disneyland Ride. I have this poster too!

  • Jerry Merritt

    AMUSEMENT ATTRACTION! Jungle Cruise, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World HD (1080p) | Hollywoodland Amusement And Trailer Park

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I know, I know... it's dated. But I still enjoy myself (plus it's a chance to sit down for 15 minutes or so in air-conditioned comfort.) So glad they never foisted the horrific "Under New Management" on Disneyland!

Monstro scared me senseless when I was a kid... even though the ride itself is very, very tame. (Shari talked Braeden through it when he was 2 1/2 by asking for him to check if Monstro had brushed his teeth.)

i really really really want a giant poster of this for my home. Found a few online that will print - but the sources seem a little shady.

vintage disney. the haunted mansion is so iconic, not to mention one of my favorite rides ever.

Indiana Jones - Disneyland Vintage Style Poster

Space Mountain - First time I ever went on this ride as a young girl was with my Grandma Blackie. We sat in the first row and I held onto her arm for dear life. The first time my son went on this ride was with his Grandma Wiggers. So sweet how history repeats itself.

Disneyland is Open Lincoln's Birthday, 1963 This ad resonates with me.

omg! I know every time I see somebody with a hole drilled in there head, first thing I think is 'I need to go to Disneyland!'. Disneyland Vintage ad.

Vintage Disneyland Ride Poster...I would love to decorate a room (maybe an office?) with vintage Disneyland prints

hold onto your hats and glasses folks,cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness(;