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  • Bonnie Ballew

    Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger (30-Pin) - automatically stops drawing/delivering energy once gadget is juiced

  • Joan

    Bracketron Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger - zero idle power, helping you save some money on your energy bills. It also automatically shuts off when your device is fully charged. The portable wall charger comes in USB, micro USB, or 30-pin Apple dock-compatible models. The rubber cap is connected by a thin stem and serves two functions: cable management and power management. The included green cable neatly wraps around the stem, while pressing down on the button activates power draw.

  • Select Club

    A must have - the eco-friendly Mushroom Greenzero Wall Travel Charger. @selectclubsa #eco-friendly #MushroomGreenzero #travel

  • Mambo Techie

    The Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger from Bracketron looks awesome. When you plug your cell phone, digital camera or other device in to get charged up, you're likely not paying much attention for when it reaches full charge. Once the battery is full, there is still a flow of electricity being pulled from the wall outlet. The Mushroom, on the other hand, stops that flow after it detects that your battery is full.

  • Jazmin Marshall

    Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger (30-Pin). It stops charging once the device is charged so it doesn't kill your battery and it's eco friendly. $35

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