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Barbie and the Rockers

Barbie and the Rockers! I had Barbie and my sister had Dana.this was one of my favorite Barbies of all time, hahah (aside from Peaches n Cream Barbie!

I can never remember what this is called but I saw it a few times as a kid and it made an indelible impression- for good or bad I don't know.

My favorite show when I was little! I LOVED this show and for some reason no one I know has ever heard of it! "Zoobilee Zoo, Zoobilee Zoo, magic and wonder are waiting for you.

Barbie and the Rockers, 1986  In 1986, Barbie formed her own band—Barbie and the Rockers! Barbie took the stage in shoulder pads, glittery pink leggings, and big ‘80s hair

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1986 - Barbie and the Rockers.Barbie was the ultimate blond fronter for big-hair bands. I had this one!I think Mattel said it best: Barbie "rocks the scene with big hair, big shoulder pads and all the other fashion faux pas we'd like to forget.

Barbie La seule Barbie qu'on m'ait offerte. beurk. Barbie Tendresse pour les connaisseurs

Loving You Barbie. I remember my cousin had this dress, it was my favorite Barbie dress!

Barbie & the Rockers (Barbie & The Rock Stars in Europe) were introduced by Mattel in the mid-1980s to compete with Hasbro's popular Jem dolls.

My sister gave me this when she stopped playing with her barbie dolls. I can still remember the song, too: "We're Barbie & the Rockers. Rockin' out, we're totally in the groove (in the groove). When we're not on stage, we can't wait to play.

Peaches ‘n Cream™ Barbie® Doll ... I had her! She was my favorite! :)

'My Favorite Barbie' collection returns with beloved Barbie dolls recreated in loving detail. Peaches 'n Cream Barbie doll is an especially cherished doll. Beautiful peach gown stole and opul.

Meine erste und einzige Barbie -der Curler war toll,  ich wünschte, ich hätte den noch *g*

Twirly Curls Barbie -- I thought she was twist and curl Barbie. But I had her!

Barbie Rockers

Barbie - Barbie and the Rockers Barbie, 1985 - One of the last Barbie dolls I ever received.

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I don't even remember what these were called, but they're those squishy colored water toys. I had one, but it broke and got red liquid all over my other toys!