How to Make Lavender Essential Oil  Maybe for next year, my lavender plant did not do so well this year!!!

How to Make Lavender Essential Oil Extract

How to make lavender essential oil from Condo Blues. Also a recipe for lavender tincture/Lavender flavored extract/liquor(Lavender flavored Vodka-could be used for ANY flower or herb)

“No Poo” –no more shampoo HA yes please, TO DO, Shampoo: 1 cup water, 1-2 tbsp baking soda, 3-4 drops tea tree oil  (too much soda and hair could dry at tips, adjust mixture so it's right for you) Conditioner: 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar) with 1 cup water and pour on ends of hair ALL WASH IN OVER 1 MINUTE THEN RINSE WELL

“No Poo” – a healthy shampoo alternative

Not ready to go "no shampoo" or completely shampooless.  Here's a natural shampoo that lathers too!

Coconut milk and castille shampoo ingredients - Mix together 1 tsp coconut milk and 1 Tbsp castille soap in a small jar. That's a single serving, but keeps in fridge for a week.

Baking Soda Shampoo 1 tbsp for every 1 cup of water Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner 1-2 tbsp for every 1 cup of water

Change Challenge - No 'Poo, The Natural Way to Clean Your Hair

Homemade All-Natural Foaming Hand Soap - Here's a recipe for non-toxic, all-natural hand soap using castile soap, water and essential oils. Castile soap is made…

Homemade All-Natural Foaming Hand Soap

My Merry Messy Life: Homemade All-Natural Foaming Hand Soap with Free Printable Label. I make this soap and love it!

Lavender inhibits the bacteria that causes acne and balances the over-secretion of sebum.

Lavender Essential Oil

Amazing Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil. It is one of the most useful oils. It evaporates quickly, so pour it close to the hand and recap, asap!