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2 of our favorite things in 1 shirt: Banksy Monty Python 1-2-5 tee :)

Gandalf Inspired Poster Minimalist The Lord of the by GeekMyWalL, $25.00

So much love!! I have this on a sweatshirt from Threadless, titled "Impasse". This is pinned from The Meta Picture.

The only thing missing: a bit of acidic drool.

Yeah, so these were probably made up, but still funny if you can imagine a kid answering this way on a test...

Tapisserie Darrrggghhh I want this shirt! Monty Python and the Holy Grail

I love the colors. orange with blue. The movement of the four men are different, so it is intriguing viewers.

...Im on a pinning binge at 1 in the morning....this is the extent of my social life.... god I need

I would have English instead of Math, and Sci-Fi quotes in general instead of just Monty Python. Also, not so much with the comic books. Not that I don't like them, I just never read many as a kid.

hilarious, though, of course these words are of the creator of this doubt.

All rights reserved by CoolJohnny 7056/Bilbo_and_Gandalf E sim, adoro mashups!