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  • Agus Echagüe

    Water for Elephants. #photography #water #animals #b

  • C.T. Corfield

    Photo Project “Ashes and Snow” by Gregory Colbert. I find it so difficult to chose a favourite image from Gregory Colbert's beautiful Ashes and Snows serial of people with animals.

  • Karen Alvarez

    Fotografía de Ashes and Snow. #Animales #Elefantes #GregoryColbert #AshesAndSnow #LoveAnimals

  • Kresta G.

    Photo by Gregory Colbert from the "Ashes and Snow" exhibition

  • Samantha Torgersen

    from 'Ashes and Snow' series - by photographer Gregory Colbert DREAMs

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"I'm just a painting that's still wet. If you touch me I'll be smeared, you'll be stained. Stained for the rest of your life." -MM

Elephant Orphanage, Sri Lanka: Why are there orphanages for young elephants? Killing adults for their tusks.

Smiling baby elephant by Shreyans Bhansali, - Pinnewela Elephant Orphanage, Sri Lanka.

Kissing in the first snow.... | kiss | snow | snowing | bicycle | love | lovers | cold | winter | street | ride | cycle

Pinnawala, Sabaragamuwa River, Sri Lanka - herds of elephants often come to this river to drink, you'll almost ALWAYS see a bunch here!!

Marcin Ryczek - This image has a very graphic feeling with bold lines and high contrast. The ying & yang nature of the photo creates perfect tension and balance.