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    • Taylor Irons

      Love isn't even like this anymore, people over use as a saying then actually meaning it, I live for that cute shit, cheesy shit I dig it. Being funny and a complete nerd with someone is definitely something, living life by the small things that are so big capture our hearts.

    • Lindsay Reid

      So true... maybe this is why I love classic TV. If only we could go back to the days where life was simple and we had great idols, solid family values and marriage was forever. Can we rewind?

    • Ben Stancil

      Marriage Advice Quotes | Quotes About Relationships Being Worth It- People don't fix things anymore... We're all "disposable" these days....

    • Ruth Malone

      So true!! My Grandparents went through so much - the death of a child, my grandpa off to war, and not seeing my grandmother for 2-3 years while in service, not seeing his own newborn daughter till she was 3...the list goes on. But, they stayed married and in love until he passed away, after 57 years of marriage. <3 They are an inspiration to me!

    • Lucy Belle

      I hope God blesses us with a long life together. Fixing things might be a lot of work, but it sure is worth every second. Imagine after 65 years how great marriage could be! :)

    • Cara Wright

      I love this! I'm constantly saying we live in a disposable society - one where we want instant gratification and when things get tough we quit! Come on people FIT IT!

    • Antoinette Zapata

      So true, it bothers me to know the times we live in now marriage is something that's treated so lightly.

    • Marie Villaluz- Noel

      FIX the marriage you are in! Truth. Inspiring and Depressing at the same time.

    • Rennie Concepts

      Inspirational quotes and sayings about life - Best Quotes

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