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  • Laura Ellison

    of their existence and I was able to recreate their leavings. This unicorn poop, in reality, has a funny story. I told my mom that I was making some "Unicorn Sneezes" and she said "when are you going to make your unicorn sh*t?" And then it hit me...Great idea, Mom! It will take a dirty spin and become unicorn poop, instead! She doesn't want the credit for encouraging me, but I still thank her. Haha. BTW: These things are sparkly to the max. Even more-so than ANY art project. I wish that the video would have captured the magic. *cry* The real deal - it's made of sugar cookies, rainbow dragees, rainbow star sprinkles, white sparkle gel, and rainbow disco dust. Enjoy! <3 Remove these adsRemove these ads by Signing Up Step 1Ingredients Ingredients i IMG_2091.JPG PoopMaterials.jpg I'll attach a photo of the recipe, so make note of what you have or need from that list! Now - on the sparkly side: *Disco Dust, Rainbow - $8 *Wilton's Sparkle Gel, white - $4 *Rainbow Dragees - $8 *Star Sprinkles - $2 *Food Coloring, Standard + Neon - $7 (You can never buy too much food coloring.) *Cheap Paint Brush The amount of poops that you will get from this recipe depend on how big your unicorn is. « Previous Step Download PDFView All Steps Next Step » 12 comments Add Comment 2 Jan 9, 2012. 9:52 PMcaarntedd says: This should be posted in humour! Great I'ble. Very funny. Rare as...... well..... unicorn poop! Reply 4 Jan 9, 2012. 8:46 PMzombiecow says: All I saw was unicorn poop and I was sold xD I have to make these! Freakin awesome thanx for sharing! Reply 48 Jan 9, 2012. 9:25 PMkristylynn84 (author) says: post pics!! <3 Reply 84 Jan 9, 2012. 8:49 PMmikeasaurus says: If only poor Ethel knew how perverted her dear recipe has become. Reply 48 Jan 9, 2012. 9:25 PMkristylynn84 (author) says: hahahah Reply 33 Jan 9, 2012. 7:44 PMsherrycayheyhey says: Ah! This is hilarious! It's a great project but naming the poos put it over the top! I tried to watch the video but WMG blocked it :( maybe try re-posting without music or by adding the music through YouTube's system? Reply 48 Jan 9, 2012. 8:01 PMkristylynn84 (author) says: oh wow!! thanks for letting me know :D i just edited in youtube and replaced the track. hopefully that works. :( poor song - "the last unicorn" Reply 11 Jan 9, 2012. 7:04 PMmonsterlego says: That's too funny. Reply 95 Jan 9, 2012. 6:36 PMjessyratfink says: Oh my goodness. This is the best. Reply 48 Jan 9, 2012. 6:54 PMkristylynn84 (author) says: eeee :D thank you! Reply 26 Jan 9, 2012. 6:42 PMPenolopy Bulnick says: I am in LOVE with this cookie and the name you have given it! Absolutely wonderful! Reply 48 Jan 9, 2012. 6:54 PMkristylynn84 (author) says: LOL thank you!! :D The funniest part, was that my brothers had been waiting hours and one of them started yelling "where's the poop??!! - i want to eat the poop!". kinda gross, but funny. :D Reply Add Comment Related Rainbow CupcakesRainbow Cupcakes by mdamians HowTo Make Rainbow CookiesHowTo Make Rainbow Cookies by dulcedezigns Moustache Cookies!Moustache Cookies! by Yoshi cat Orlando Magic Sugar Cookies!Orlando Magic Sugar Cookies! by VanessitaS Hula CookiesHula Cookies by cheeriokate Giant Ice Cream Cookie SandwichGiant Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich by noahw Watermelon Sugar CookiesWatermelon Sugar Cookies by Megans Cookin Double Cookie Cookie Monster Cookies!Double Cookie Cookie Monster Cookies! by RollerScrapper How To Make Cookie Stuffed CookiesHow To Make Cookie Stuffed Cookies by The Painted Rose Seven Layer CookiesSeven Layer Cookies by Heather Homemade More Related Info Stats 719 views 4.61 (6 ratings) 112 Followers Author:kristylynn84 Published:Jan 9, 2012 License:Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Related: Unicorn Poop, Unicorn, Sugar Cookies, Rainbow Cookies, Unicorn Cookies, Glitter Guides Best Cookie Recipes Cookies from Scratch Unauthorized Girl Scout Cookie Recipes 16 Ways to Enjoy Oreos More Guides

  • Kara Hepburn

    Sparkly Rainbow Unicorn Poop Cookies- not sure which category this goes into. funny, food, baby girl, party...?

  • Nicole Mashaw

    Unicorn Poop #Cookies #Rainbow #Dessert #Unicorn #Poop #Unicorn

  • Becky Pickett

    Unicorn Poop! Lots of other fun recipes at this site, too

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