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My favorite salad bowl came from this set. I think of my grandma Bo each time I use it. It's white with a blue green design. My mother has the larger blue with white design bowl.

vintage pyrex...have to have these! I love old beautiful dishes!

Stack of Pyrex by lolie jane, via Flickr lovely! Makes me think of you Tasha

Growing up, we used to eat popcorn out of a large blue bowl just like in this collection. Still do!

i wish when i opened my cabinets i saw this! I love vintage dishes and bakewear.

Want! ~}{~ I have a set of round casseroles in the blue with white snowflakes pattern that were still sealed in the box up until 2007. They were my hubby's mothers and I found them in the side table in the living room . There were things stashed like that everywhere.

Vintage Pyrex casserole dishes - In ORANGE! with sheaf of wheat on it! I think April has these 3 now.

I will have a larger vintage pyrex collection someday! But for now I have a good start. :)

Vintage Pyrex. refrigerator dishes in every color! 5 down 6 to go.