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    The Typical Day Of A Teenage Girl In The Late '90s

    burger stools

    American Girl Doll Samantha

    Loved this game

    Aww yeaa sure did!!

    zoobooks Who else remembers these? 90s kid 4 lyfe yo.

    totally forgot about these oh the #90s

    Best 90s cartoon movie. my childhood

    Sparkling Star Shape Colgate Junior! - THIS EXISTED!

    #TBT Throwback Thursday... 80s and 90s kids

    Rainbow Sprite

    vintage glo worm 80s toy on Etsy, $6.00

    Bouncing here and there and everywhere! #GummiBears #80s #tv #cartoons #vintage #gummi

    Muppet Babies McDonald's Happy Meal Toys - Vintage 1980s

    Jewelry box ballerina

    Made that long bus ride home a little more exciting .....

    1992 McDonald's Happy Meal Mini Miniature Barbie Doll Figurine Glittery Ruffle Princess Dress Pearls 1990's Toy 1980's Toys Mattel McDonalds by RustBeltRelics, $5.00

    Haha! I remember these!

    90's Kid #Mash ALLTIMEFAV OH MY GOSH !!! I remember this!!!! Hahahaha most entertaining thing ever!!!!!!

    Bubble Jug - 90s kids. That miraculous powder that turned into gum with only about a third of it running down into your throat choking you

    NKOTB New Kids On Block dayglo vtg medium Tshirt Donnie Wahlberg tee faux signatures vintage 80s 90s 1980s 1990s neon shirt @Lori Bearden Bearden Bearden Bearden Kent we totally had this!!

    Only 90s kids would understand! Oh boy, stick on earrings for every day of the month! yeahh I had these

    ... 80s and 90s kids! It's a Poppel (sp) my god mom got me a blue one! I remember being so excited! #throwback

    Tiffany. I still sing this song, except now it's while I'm cooking.

    ribbon barrettes- these should make a comeback!