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Found Object Brooch by Carolyn. Made from miliamp meter part, camera parts, old washer, nut, mica, polymer clay, wire. via

TEXTURE- The way things feel and/or look like they feel which can be experienced through the sense of sight and/or touch. Textures can be divided into three categories; real, implied and simulated. from nature by Camilla Engman, via Flickr

all of our preschoolers made box faces. We used recycled/repurposed materials and spray painted the box lids first. Had a lot a variety and a very cool display

This is for sale only, so there's no instructions. A crafty person could figure out how make this. There's a little helpful info. on Esty.

Lady Robot GingerAssemblageFound Object by butcherooney on Etsy, $82.00

hanging kelp basket by aMused Creations, via Flickr

Ed Rossbach | Christmas Basket, 1968. synthetic ribbon, plastic found objects, macrame

Rachel Whiteread, Vitrine Objects, Drawings, UCLA Hammer Museum

Marcel Duchamp, The Dada Movement