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Qual a logo mais criativa que existe

"sewperfect" Clever, minimal logo designs

love this "s" -- wonder if I could do something similar with a j

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Arrow Inspired Logo Designs

Creative Thinking at MOYO. #designpassion #moyo #creative #thinktank

35 Beautiful Examples Logo Designs Inspired By Clock | Design Inspiration

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I like the use of type in this logo.

Slice. Clever logo by Manual Creative.

I always seem to be drawn to these very graphic logos - simple shapes that sit in perfect harmony. Clever play off the hand gesture and head of a chicken.

Creative logo

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very simple logo but the style still gives it a very vintage feel, and it uses negative space effectively to create the woman's upper body.


Interesting Logo: I like this logo because it is very simple yet looks appealing and is representative of the topic. It works because there is proper use of negative space and even positive space. The plugs on their own look like an E and D if turned around. #clever #logo #negativespace