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Green Stamps

S Green Stamps. my mom used to save them.the got them at the grocery store and after she had a bunch saved we would on a weekend stick them in a stamp book and take them to the stamp store and she would pick something out for the house

S & H Green Stamp Books.  ONLY 1200 stamps fill this book?  ...

S & H Green Stamps Saver Books. I remember my mom saving these.

A hot summer day....

Semantics by generation

sears christmas catalog 1969 - Google Search

Loved the Sears Catalog Christmas Wish Book! We were so excited when this book came~we looked, made lists and dreamed about Christmas.

Every day!!! When my best friend in high school and I would have different classes we would write notes then trade off...

passing notes in class.way before texting. lol this brings back so many fun memories trying not to be caught passing notes and finding new ways to fold them up ;

how many remember this

prehistoric googling ~ a time when everybody new the Dewey Decimal system.or use a Librarian to find a book!

The Carol Burnett Show. I remember hearing my grandpa laugh as I approached  the house after I got out of school!

The Carol Burnette Show, a Blast from My Past and One Funny Ass Show with Harvey Korman, Vikki Lawrence, Tim Conway etc!

Back in the day, THIS is how we rolled!

Funny pictures about Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple. Oh, and cool pics about Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple. Also, Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple photos.

Fun with Dick and Jane Basic reader book 1951 by ViseralEphemera  ... My Catholic school never had new books, so this was probably the one I learned to read in/on/with about 1953 or 1954.

Fun with Dick and Jane Basic reader book 1951 by ViseralEphemera. I learned to read from Dick and Jane readers.