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download tape strips make your pictures pretty or use as labels!

Funny, funny packing tape...I really think I might need some of this just to brighten up my packages!

I'm using these on one of my new cards. I'm obsessed with Washi tape. Can I confess that I thought it was Wasabi tape for some reason! Haha

washi tape. I love the bottom one, with the starburst design, best; I wish I could buy it in Germany. Too bad that the few times I find a place over here that sells any washi tape, they always have the boring ones, from the same manufacturer, and never this design.

Free Clip Art: Vintage Floral Patterns—Fabric Deco Tapes

Let's see how long it takes me to learn how to use these (they're digital).

Washi Tape Strips - Free Clip Art by Pugly Pixel. Intended to be used as Web Graphics for things like Blog posts.