Can't quit laughing

Ellen's Scare montage. DYING! Even if you're having the worst day this will make you laugh so hard!

I just died laughing

HAHAHAH i laughed a little to hard

I can't stop laughing

omg i can't stop laughing


bahaha I can't stop laughing!!!!

i can't stop laughing!

Laughed till I cried!!!

25 Funny Notes Written By Kids. Read. This is my world and it's hilarious!!!!! #4, 11, 14, 16, 18, 19, 23 and 24 made me laugh

Seriously just laughed out loud.

Lmfao. GREAT laugh after work! LOL

These are cracking me up! This stay-at-home dad writes messages on sticky-notes around the house.

I'm dying!

I laughed too hard at this...

This literally just made me laugh out loud

I present, the beard hat (also known as the beardo). $39.99

Haha. Can't stop laughing