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I'm totally going to use this in my Algebra class when I start teaching systems of equations.

Systems of Equations.  Many students have difficulty remembering the different methods of solving  for a solution, and how to figure out how many solutions the system has.  After tea...

Teaching math concepts to students whose skills are below grade level.The Exponential Curve: Algebra 1: Systems of Equations

Math Tales from the Spring: Introducing Systems - Buy boxes at Hobby Lobby and use them to physically create a system. Problem set included in link.

Students use a system of equation to solve a real world problem. Student define variables, write equations and then solve the equation by graphing...

Looking for ideas for teaching systems of equations and polynomials? Check out Skating Through Algebra Graphic Organizers: Systems of Equations & Polynomials. All organizers come with answer sheets. ($)

Could easily take a Social Studies concept or idea and turn it into a fold-out chart like this shows.

The Exponential Curve: Algebra 1: Systems of Equations

Systems of Equations "Fly-Swatter" Bingo! Lots of math review activities and lesson plans on this page

Step by step example for solving a two-step equation.