An Amish girl attempts to mount a miniature horse near the family farm in Bergholz, Ohio, April 9, 2013.

The Amish Community at Lancaster, PA

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Amish girl

Two Amish Boys, Lancaster, Pa. 1962..This gives new meaning to "God's Country" such humble people in this community

*༺♥༻@>~Wonderful~~Amish girl with her pet dog<@༺♥༻

Amish baby.

Pony knows his job

This photo reminded me of a time (circa 1960) when photographers often went door to door with a shetland pony much like this one, to take & sell photos of the children sitting on the horse to the parents.

pony in a basket!

Amish customs.. A woman hangs laundry at Yoder's Amish Home. Tours here explain how Amish use straight pins to fasten their clothing to avoid ostentatious buttons and buckles.

Funny pony!!

Amish girls play softball after class in Bergholz, Ohio, April 9, 2013.


Amish -

Amish Country!


Fast riding Amish boy.



Lancaster County, Pa. My parents and I spend a weekend bidding on Amish quilts, carb-loading on brown butter and noodles, and discovering the awesomeness of miniature ponies.—Andrea Minarcek, Contributing Editor (Courtesy mmiwig/myBudgetTravel)