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Polar Cuddle

Cute Baby Polar Bear Cubs cuddling in the concave ice showing off their gorgeous white fur blending perfectly into the crisp snow.

We can hardly even see this gorgeous polar cub but her button nose and eyes give her away! Elva

Winter White Inspiration Gallery

Three-to-four-month-old polar bear (Ursus maritimus) cub cuddling against mother's body while she is tranquilized by researchers, vulnerable, at Wapusk National Park, in Manitoba, Canada.

Those are big paws

Adorable Little Baby Polar Bear Cub

A Polar Bear Snuggles up with Her Cubs Fotografiskt tryck

A Polar Bear Snuggles up with Her Cubs Photographic Print by Paul Nicklen

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Ces Ours Eduquent leurs Petits et nous Régalent de Photos Toutes plus Adorables les Unes que les Autres.

Mom and baby polar bear,Kissie-kissie by sergei gladyshev

polar bear mom curled around her cub


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Ursidi/Orso Polare(o Orso bianco- Ursus Maritimus):

Polar Bear and Cub

Mama & Baby Polar Bear on Ice

What a good baby

under Mother protection” by sergei gladyshev Polar Bear mom and baby