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The Path of a Dancing Firefly Captured Through Long Exposure Photography [IMAGE]

Someone needs to pull this firefly over. Clearly he's drunk. He's flying all over the woods. Yes, it's very pretty, but I bet he couldn't recite the alphabet backwards. And that's really all I'm...
  • Alexandria Miller

    Fireflies in the forest + slow shutter speed Looks like a magical forest full of fairies!

  • Amy Jackson

    Enchanted forest photography - slow shutter speed captures the movement of fireflies.

  • Jenny Ostroff

    Light painting with fireflies! Very cool. When I was a kid I used to capture them in a jar. I wonder how that would look as a photograph? Fireflies. Long exposure.

  • Molly Harrell

    Fireflies. Long exposure. fairy, magic, woods, forest

  • The Chart & Map Shop

    This is so cool! Taken by German photographer Kristian Cvecek, these photos use a slow shutter speed to capture the movements of fireflies through the trees and ferns of the woods near his home in Nuremburg. There’s something quite magical about the glowy arsed little bugs.

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Doesn't fit the show at all... except I /love/ the color palate and overall feel. Perhaps a starry night somehow?

You're clear 4 landing Bug that causes pain~

Flower Fairy Photography, Fine Art Fantasy Photo, Baby Nursery Princess Girl Magical Pastel Bedroom Wall Art Green Ornage Purple. $20.00, via Etsy.

♡ I've had to let you go, but my heart will hold onto you now that my arms cannot. You were my purpose in this life Mom and Dad, now I'm struggling hour to hour to find my way. Please, please send me a sign. I miss you both so much, xox 15th October 2014 ♡

  • Debbie Rinaldo

    I don't have words of wisdom, but I too, live for my parents. with dad gone & mom ailing, I do understand. Please try to stay strong. I'm sure they're watching over you. Don't give up without reaching out.

  • ★~ CelestialSkye  Kat ~ ★

    Debbie, it has been wonderful people like you that have reached out to me and kept me going with the kind words and understanding. ♡xox♡

  • Debbie Rinaldo

    I'm glad you answered. I didn't want to overstep, but I do understand, I too, find Pinterest an escape from reality & I am sincere in saying I'm here pulling for you. I felt sad when I read your words, only because I'm afraid to be where you are, when my sweet mom, who is across the hall, leaves me. I'm alone, & don't feel strong to go on alone. Depression is tough in any case, but when you face losses, it's tougher. feel free to write on my pins & share.

Rhizostoma pulmo, also known as the barrell jellyfish. (Photo credit: Rai Fernandez)

Fireflies are a great educational tool and can provide a science lesson to children and adults right in their very own backyard or in a park nearby. He says, "If you have a penlight, you can sometimes lure a male big dipper by responding to his flash within the two seconds that he is hovering near you. Another way one can learn about fireflies is to catch them and observe their flash patterns in a jar. #FireFly #education .

We would catch lightning bugs & poke holes in a mason jar lid... Fireflies magical-nature ( do you remember when you asked your mom for a jar so you could catch lightning bugs and then she would set them free while we slept :)

F is for firefly (2010), jenniferfrench