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Omg . I really need a certain person see this . Maybe they would understand !!!!

'Cause Cameron Dallas is my boyfriend. Isn't cam cute? If you think he's ugly, you're a fag and need the holy hands of Jesus placed upon you, I mean look at his smile it could literally cure cancer and end wars.

Whoever makes an edit about Cameron Dallas will get a follow :)♥♥OMG FAINTED CAMERON COME HELP ME UP TAKE ME INTO YOUR ARMS-Ashley

Just imagine this gorgeous thing being your boyfriend! 😍 Cam♡

IMAGINE: Cam sending you a pic with the message: On the plane home!! I can't wait to kiss you again ♥ ;)

Cameron Dallas (CameronDallas) on Twitter

Cam in a wetsuit.. OMG!!!! Embedded image permalink

Everyone go follow the amazing Cameron Dallas and get him to 300 followers! Comment when done :) xxx ⬇Tagged below⬇

Hmm, I would love to have that man in my shower! Cameron Dallas!♡

This is to all the people who hated him in high school: WHY? That's all I have to say. Look how far he has gotten. I also wanted to say ThankYou because without you he probably wouldn't have pushed himself so hard to get to the top. WE LOVE YOU CAM!! Cameron Dallas

Cams new tattoo Wait isn't like the ones that stay on but like it does come off