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It involves cereal everyday.

This is what I'm going to tell my kids when I have them. I will not be dealing with picky eaters or making five separate meals for dinner. (Another thing my mom did, which made us more open to trying new foods).

I'd have to change this to, "The house was clean YESTERDAY . .  ."

House was clean last week sorry you missed it doormat. Mine should say was clean once.

sometimes when i open my mouth

Funny pictures about When I open my mouth. Oh, and cool pics about When I open my mouth. Also, When I open my mouth.

kitchen sign - I am making a sign with this on it!!! I always tell the kids they are going to start cooking with me if they complain

Open the oven and take a look the first to complain is tomorrows cook wooden kitchen sign

Baby sleep positions, for the bedsharing family! Pretty accurate. LOL #cosleeping #funny

Funny Yet True

Funny pictures about Baby sleeping positions. Oh, and cool pics about Baby sleeping positions. Also, Baby sleeping positions photos.

I'm the best mom in the world then!! Woo hoo!

Good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens, and happy kids. Owens Bella IS a happy kid!

I need to make this sign

WELCOME to our HAPPY crazy fun loud HOME -wooden welcome sign board with vinyl lettering


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A fact of life: After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says WTF . What I'm just sayin


Great craft to remember Dad! Because Someone We Love is in HEAVEN/There's a little bit of HEAVEN in our home Sign/shelf sitter/Light Turquoise

Ain't it the truth :)

Need to remember this. I think sometimes we as moms feel the need to have a spotless house to "impress" others. I'm more impressed with a happy kid.