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FREE Bible Printables

I love printing out extras to go along with our studies. Here are some I found from around the web today! Bible Verse Printables from Homeschool Creations Old Testament Coloring Pages Noah's Ark Coloring Pages Cain and Abel Coloring Pages Adam and Eve Printables Learn the Scriptures Worksheets Books...

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Lots of great links to Article of Faith activities. Use these for FHE

Holy Handouts: Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 27: Scripture Study

Scripture Mastery magic square misc. (scroll down)

Printable Family Scripture Study chart. Put a sticker on everyday that you have family scripture study. also a spot for a sticker on FHE and attending the temple. Kids will love putting the stickers on after we read and pray and this will help chris and i remember!

tarp throwing activity.- well, we tried to do this at cub scout day camp but we didn't have a tarp so we tried to use a sheet! i suggest using a tarp, especially if it's going to be windy! we were still able to have fun with it.

Awesome printable scripture mastery cards (D&C)! The illustrations really teach about the scriptures!

LDS Seminary 2013 Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Cards

Scripture Master stickers - all 100 scriptures from The Red Headed Hostess. print on clear labels and stick in scriptures - awesome!

Scripture Journal Tutorial: Part 2- Studying By Chapters Book name and title Other Scriptures I looked up & what I learned from them People in this chapter, what I learned from them, & other journals I have mentioned them Words I looked up the definitions to, what verse its found in, and what it means Questions I asked myself Doctrines/principles I found within the chapter and what I learned from them, and any reference to other journals I mentioned those doctrines.