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Dazed & Confuse Magazine (March 2008) / ‘Flower Power’ / Photography: David Slijper / Styling: Katie Shillinford. / Hair: Tomo Jidai. / Make-Up: Ayami Nishimura / Model: Jourdan Dunn


the cult of style

Alek Wek / laughing

Dude! I love your hair but there is a train right there about to hit you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! move it!

stripes on stripes

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Graphic geo nails

black and white pattern forming the shape of a woman. Great graphic design. Stark. Simple.

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Ala is the female Alusi (deity) of the earth, morality, fertility and creativity in Odinani. She is the most important Alusi in the Igbo pantheon. In Odinani, Ala rules over the underworld which holds the deceased ancestors in her womb. Her name literally translates to 'Ground' in the Igbo language, denoting her powers over the earth and her status as the ground itself. Sonja Wanda by Pascal Bunning

Striking Samurai Photoshoots - The Honor Interview Magazine Editorial Marries Femininity and Power (GALLERY)

From Life Magazine 1952

Tilda Swinton wearing Sandra Backlund original Dark Goth piece

Tetsuharu Kubota for Lurve Magazine

Love this picture. The contrast is just amazing. Only thing I would change is the fact that the model is a bit too skinny. Otherwise, beautiful and breath taking. Model: Olga Serova Costa Smeralda | Photographer: Marco Glaviano

naomi slays