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I order it at once, human! You must listen to me as I am cuter than cute and sweeter than sweet and more spoiled than someone could ever fathom! You still love me too, and we all know no one can resist this cute lil' face of mine ♥

tell that joke about the long tailed cat and the rocking chair again .... i love that one!

Why can't my lab bring me a beautiful leaf? He just brings me his fur-brother's frozen poop! N.I.C.E.

He was too tired to walk home.

Dog with exploded pillow

Awww! So sweet! CUDDLE ME!

I think he really is saying this.... Look at his face... It's like he knows he's filthy... But wants you to give him his 100th chance... I've saw that face before. :I

First, this is not a small (breed) dog. This is an Irish Setter pup and very difficult to tire out. Congratulations OP! We had to read Old English for one of my College English courses. I ...