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hunger games: peeta mellark & pita bread

YES! How else will the people who haven't read the books know that the gamemakers mess with the tributes mentally and not just physically!??

Aghhhhhhhh THE FEELS. follow me on instagram @johanna_mason_victor !!!!

--The Hunger Games | HAHA! For some reason this kills me every time. Love this book. --

hunger games problems | 9GAG - Hunger Games Problems...?

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: Every time I see a wasp I run for cover and yell 'TRACKER JACKER!' #hungergames www.flappybirds.c...

...No. That doesn't even work. Why would the Avox leave someone else speechless? The Avox is the one who can't talk to begin with. That doesn't work. I would not be seducted by this pickup line because it shows a lack of comprehension on the behalf of the guy trying to pick me up.

I would kill Justin Bieber too and Miley and Brittany spears and many more stupid actors and actresses!