No woman should feel this is how she's supposed to look. This is one of the saddest things I've ever seen.

Padaung Women Without Rings | giraffe women the country of giraffes women also known as padaung is ...

WHY | 23 Creepy Pictures That Will Make You Scream Every Time

gorgeous girls trying to be ugly

no words.......except OMG. What implants look like 50 years later lol!


Mme. Abomah (born 1862?) was known as the Amazon Giantess and the African Giantess. She has traveled all over the world as the tallest woman in the world: Australia, New Zealand, South America, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Britain and Ireland. She was billed as being 7'6" tall. her surname was Grigsby, and originally came from Laurence County, South Carolina, United States.

Female living skeletons weren't as common as males, probably because they couldn't show as much of their figure.

50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos~Chickens CAN be terrifying when you're little!!

Joyce Vincent sat dead in her apartment with the TV on for three yesrs before her body was discovered. 21 Wikipedia Pages That Will Make It Impossible For You To Sleep

Haunting Post-Mortem Photographs From The 1800s .. so creepy, yet fascinating!

21 Unbelievably Haunting Vintage Photos From The Circus Man crushes a block placed on the stomach of a strongman. (1930)

Date: February 1911. Location: Port Royal, South Carolina. Josie (6 years old), Bertha (6 years old), Sophie (10 years old), were all shuckers at the Maggioni Canning Co.

Miami cannibal attack victim Ronald Poppo, before and after - The Weird Picture Archive

ELLA KATE EWING (1872-1913): According to her publicity, Ella Kate Ewing, the Missouri Giantess, was 8 feet, 4 ½ inches tall, though her true height was closer to 7'3". She was born on March 9, 1872, in Louis County, Missouri, weighing seven and a half pounds at birth and grew normally until she was 9. She died of pneumonia at the age of 40 and was extremely self-conscience of her size 24 feet until her death.

Dorothy and Alice

OMG These just keep getting better. What is wrong with people??? Wait...let me take that back. They humor me. Maybe they are being really silly in a very odd way that humors people with a weird sense of humor such as I or maybe they are just freakin creepy. IDK...

These are horrifying and hilarious...50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos - BuzzFeed Mobile

Australian model caught distracted during a photo shoot when the first plane hit tower one. What an epic photo.

Bonnie and Clyde