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    WHAT !!

    gorgeous girls trying to be ugly

    The Boy & the Chicken - Here is a bizarre old photograph of a young boy and a chicken that was taken sometime before 1920. I have no explanation for what is happening here....

    WHY | 23 Creepy Pictures That Will Make You Scream Every Time

    no words.......except OMG. What implants look like 50 years later lol!

    Padaung Women Without Rings | giraffe women the country of giraffes women also known as padaung is ...

    Marilyn Monroe's actual funeral viewing ... eerily and hauntingly beautiful

    In 1957, 11 year-old Joanna and 6 year-old Jacqueline Pollock were killed in a car accident. A year later, their mother gave birth to twins Jennifer and Gillian. The younger twin, Jennifer, had birth marks on her body in exactly the same place as Jacqueline had. The twins then started requesting toys belonging to the deceased girls which they had no prior knowledge of. The twins even asked to go to a park they have never been to before (but their deceased sisters have).

    From Construction News, UK. | 15 Unbelievably Sexist Adverts From The 1970s

    Female living skeletons weren't as common as males, probably because they couldn't show as much of their figure.

    I've been looking everywhere for this picture! This was taken on 9/11/01 at Ground Zero and has been the subject of great debate - some attribute it to "Mothman." I don't know what it is but it is creepy and, as yet, unexplained. If mothman is a harbinger of destruction, this thing fits the bill....

    Russia's Flesh-Eating Drug Krokodil Has Arrived In The U.S. And Here's Why That Should Scare You - BuzzFeed Mobile

    A picture of unwanted babies for sale in 1940 France. 49 other pictures chronicling moments in history.

    50 Unexplainable Black White Photos

    A giant mystery: 18 strange giant skeletons found in Wisconsin: Sons of god; Men of renown -- Secret History --

    Dad pretended that Mother was alive for a full month after her death. They are pictured here on day two.

    50 Surprising Photos From The Past That Show How Different Life Used To Be - A tiny puppy sleeping comfortably between Russian soldiers. (1945)

    HUMAN ODDITIES ... vintage sideshow freakshow circus performers. Digital Printable Collage Sheet

    from unexplained mysteries: Uploader comment: Hi all, new to this wonderful forum. I can say 100% its not fake.....A little boys reflection in the mirror, however boys eyes are closed, yet reflection of boy eye's are opened....Also a strange orb like mist above his head......

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