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  • Bec Lehman

    The Dark Knight Rises billboard - Can't wait for this movie!

  • Jean Marc De Silva

    new billboard to promote The Dark Knight Rises! #batman #darkknight

  • Toni Bradshaw

    Movie marketing doesn't get much better than this. Behold, the new 3D billboard for The Dark Knight Rises. #media #advertising

  • Diego Tala

    awesome The Dark Knight Rises Batman Billboard 750x562 Best Billboard Ads

  • Daniel Twieg

    The Dark Knight Rises Billboard Ad

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the Dark Knight Rises Gabriel Olivier, I'd see this version with you.

Awesome Dark Knight Rises 3D Street Art

1. i FREAKING LOVE THIS MOVIE! 2. Whoever did the casting for the Batman trilogy needs an award... because seriously they're a genius! Tom Hardy, Heath Ledger, amazing. 3. I love this art!

The Dark Knight Rises minimalist movie poster

The Dark Knight Rises is what I wish the entire trilogy had been. It shows me that Christopher Nolan is possible of great things but doesn't always accomplish it. It's why I'm not too hot on Man of Steel (2013).

Liam Neeson, Aaron Eckhart, Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Cilian Murphy, Anne Hathway.. Beat this shit!