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Day 3: I know this isn't us, but my relationship with my boyfriend, and bestfriend is an inspiration to me. I didn't believe in that silly thing called love until he came along and I expect nothing when I'm with him because our happiness just being together is what makes it so perfect. #Pinspiration

“A kiss can be like the world turning over. It can be like the tide of a dragon's dream washing through the unseen world that is hidden to mortal eyes but that nevertheless permeates our being. It can be hot and cold together, as vast as the heavens and yet specific to the pressure of hands and the parting of lips. It raised more intense feelings than I had expected, like being engulfed in a storm of lightning.” ― Kate Elliott

She has her pick. No doubt an impressive list. It must be. I don't see her surrendering her values or dreams to entertain the baser sort. She is elite, and she will have in like kind, or so I wish for her. So I must work on me and mine. I must have my best foot forward, my gameface on. If I can. I accept her judgement, with clear eyes and full heart.

This looks more like it is in the moment, making it romantic feeling because of their expressions. I would love to see this image in color, i feel like if it would be in color it would help out with that 'warm, loving, romantic" feeling this image portrays.