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tattered door and screen (I just picked one up like this...)

Thinking about doors and the way they can allow characters to enter new realms. I feel like you might see this doorknob in the brother of MEASURE FOR MEASURE.

Beautiful door (Open Air Museum Detmold)

7. This looks like a door to a used bookstore, makes me think of "The Never Ending Story" or something of the likes..

Art Deco Door, 78 Dermgate, Northampton, England. Interior design by Charles Rennie Mackingtosh. House owned by the Bassett Lowke family. Great model makers of world renown.

Argentina- The riot of color next to the white. This explains a lot about the differences in the feelings of my friends and I about color.

Do you know, in Irish folklore, it is thought that painting one's door in red keeps away bad luck and wards off ghosts and evil spirits? :)