<3 how they look real

disney high school // not sure why, but the merida moment makes me laugh.

Disney Princesses

disney in real life ..... I knew they were real!!!!!

what disney characters would look like in real life

Kristoff and Anna after Disney's Frozen, love

Realistic Disney Characters

Dead on...except i would like to point out the fact that Odete from the Swan Princess & Anastasia from, well, Anastasia are not Disney princesses nor are they Disney movies. They are fabulous movies though

Real life disney princesses

Princess Tiana Watercolor Art



These girls mash up Disney Princess songs and it's the best thing ever. Literally in love with this!

Real life Disney

If the Disney Princesses were modern day models

Which #Disney #Princess Are You? You will never wonder again which princess are you, and more importantly, whose your prince charming?? Take the quiz here.

This is my favorite classic Disney princess movie. Always has always will be. (B

Princesses How I love the art The art concept books are amazing and I hope you guys check it out

Disney girls

Beautifully said