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Examples of evolution of corporate logos in the US. Evolving logos reflect and complement a brand's life and growth. Some steps are small others more daring. Done well, a logo change nurtures instant brand recognition and connection

I chose this ad because it grabs your attention right away. The use of the text in creative form for 'RentZoo' ties in with the stripes for the zebra. The grass below is also in a bright enough color to draw your eyes to their website address as the text has a no-fill so it is quite prominent. I really like the overall simplicity of this design.

This is terrific design. I love the colors, the font and those shapes.

really wonderful mark. "BeeBank Development" for Greenpeace - designed by Studio Paradise, UK

as the P fits into the x-height of the lower case K, a dimention is suggested, further supported by the shadows of depth

this logo was not pleasing to me because to me its just 3 humps it doesn't really mean anything for me by looking at it.

Mark Riedy Card CU by Cranky Pressman