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if only i possessed these amazing skateboarding skills.....

"Avery!" Ecarg called, "What are you doing?" I grinned. "Skateboarding. What are you doing?" "Thinking you're going to fall." "Im not-" "look out!" ecarg shouted a second before I slammed headfirst into a pole. ecarg ran over and held my hands. "I told you you were going to fall." He whispered. "I knew I would." I replied, head pounding. "Why did you do it then?" "I didn't care." I tried to say, but my limbs felt heavy all of a sudden, and I found myself unable to move. -- copyright Kait H.

Don't dwell on problems or get upset when something doesn't go right. There is no such thing as a perfect youth ministry. Focus on what really matters: reaching and discipling kids for Christ! Tim Schmoyer

Old, old school. OK, been there and done that! "Tom, where are your skates?" Uh, Mom, I used them to make a skateboard. "You made a what?"

Skatebearding across the universe only going forward 'coz we can't find reverse Kudos Mr Bingo