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Dance... Dance is my life. It's how I describe how I'm feeling when words dont seem like enough. It's a constant in my life when things get tricky. It's something that keeps me focused and working hard. It's my passion. ITS MY LOVE

I miss dance with every ounce of my being, everyday that goes by. What I would give to have the chance to dance again

Love the coloring in this photo and LOVE how relaxed she looks doing this (for the record, this is HARD to accomplish).

I miss ballet fiercely. I miss being able to touch my knees with my nose, do splits, feel graceful in front of a mirror, look amazing in tight clothing, and be flexible without grimacing. I was never an amazing ballet student, but I felt amazing.

This goes along with goal #1, lose 100lbs & increase flexibility! Half way there!

WOW! I'm not sure that girl is even human. Can a body actually bend like that??? I guess it can....

Absolutely amazing. I would blow this photo up and put it on my wall if it was high enough resolution.

oh what i would give to have a barre in my bedrm/house/gym...

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